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Robert DuMouchelle

3rd Generation, General Manager & Auctioneer

Joseph Walker

3rd Generation, President

Norman DuMouchelle

2nd Generation, Vice President

Joan DuMouchelle Walker

2nd Generation, Chairwoman

Ryan F. McCarron

4th Generation, Operations & Logistics Manager

Renee Fessel

Fine Arts Specialist & Appraiser

James Flannery

Cataloger & Appraiser

Catherine Page

Cataloger & Appraiser

Joe Lint

Technology & Marketing Manager

Dwight Oscar

Logistics Specialist

Julien Agulles

Logistics Specialist, Francophone

Anthony Marji

Logistics Associate

Aaron Jefferis

Photography & Marketing Specialist

Laurie Hopton


Leigh Snyder

Catalog Support

Jaclyn Kline

Accounting Specialist

Alexandra Pasquinelli

Administrative Support

Not Pictured



Director of Client Relations

In Memoriam

J. Norman DuMouchelle

J. Norman DuMouchelle

Founding President


Lawrence DuMouchelle

Lawrence DuMouchelle

2nd Generation, Auctioneer & Former President


Ernest DuMouchelle

Ernest DuMouchelle

2nd Generation, Auctioneer & Former Vice President


Charlotte DuMouchelle



Rosemary DuMouchelle

Rosemary DuMouchelle

2nd Generation, Appraiser


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