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Founded in 1927, DuMouchelles has been an integral part of the Detroit art scene for almost a century, curating premium fine art and antiques for generations. The family’s origins in Detroit date back to the mid-1800s, when J. Norman DuMouchelle and his wife Charlotte, both descendants of French-Canadian farmers, purchased and farmed land in the Windsor, Ontario area. Following World War I, DuMouchelle moved to Detroit, where he studied under the legendary Washington Boulevard fine art dealer, Emil Dittrich.

In 1927, J. Norman DuMouchelle opened his own business in a historic home on Jefferson and Riopelle, naming it “The Art Salon.” DuMouchelle conducted weekly auctions on-site, and as the business grew, he relocated to another historic home on Woodward near Forest. However, it was not long before the success of his auctions necessitated an auxiliary space on the first floor of the Albert Kahn-designed building at 409 East Jefferson.

Metzger + Art Salon
Circa 1900 - William E. Metzger: The United States' First Automotive Retail Showroom
dumouchelles 1927
Circa 1934 - The Art Salon Auction Galleries

The DuMouchelle family’s business continued to grow over the years, as did the family itself. J. Norman and Charlotte had five children, Lawrence, Norman, Rosemary, Joan, and Ernest. Like most family businesses at that time, the children spent much of their early years working in the gallery, each performing tasks appropriate for their age and interests.

DuMouchelle’s became a permanent fixture at its current location at 409 East Jefferson, and the family’s reputation as trusted advisors to families grew. They have handled some of the largest and grandest estates in Detroit, including William Fisher, David Whitney, William Seyburn, Coleman Young, and Matilda Dodge Wilson. However, the family is most proud of being a trusted advisor to families regardless of notoriety or wealth. Lawrence DuMouchelle, eldest son, and past president of the business said, prior to his passing in 2019, that the family always felt it was an honor and privilege to be entrusted to handle any family’s estate.

Today, DuMouchelles is one of the world’s largest and oldest family-owned auction houses. The gallery continues to offer sales consisting in most every specialist category of fine art and antiques, providing the expertise required to offer sales in fine art and antiques to a global audience. They continue to pay close attention to ever-changing tastes and markets, offering merchandise at market prices well into their second century.

DuMouchelles’ commitment to serving its local customers with the same care and consideration it gives to its international clients has been a key to its success. The company continues to uphold its tradition of having items in its auctions that appeal to all tastes and budgets.

dumouchelles francisco
Circa 1970's - DuMouchelle Art Galleries

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